Hot Bacon Cheese Dip

It's an unwritten rule of life that if you make something with cheese, add more cheese, throw bacon in there and sprinkle with red chiles that people are going to love it. Serve it in a bread bowl? They go nuts.

That's what happened with this hot bacon cheese dip, anyway. It's gooey, creamy and all sorts of sinful, but there's something just so right about it. Just don't weigh yourself the next day :D

I have made this wonderful dish a few times. It’s always a winner! I added 3 more strips of bacon, and green onions instead of white – then put in the Crock Pot rather than bread. Also used chili powder because I didn’t know what red chile flakes were. This was DELICIOUS! I had it in a trio dipper and this was gone while the other two were full. This will definitely be a new go-to dip for us!!

Recipe >> Hot Bacon Cheese Dip @ Buns In My Oven