Ultimate S’More Anniversary Cake

I made this cake last night. Bakers beware!! This does not only take a little muscle to cut, this takes some real muscle! I didn’t read the part to take out out of the fridge for an hour before cutting HAHA! Definately a good suggestion. I followed the recipe exactly, the only two problems I had were with the marshmallow butter cream and the chocolate frosting. On the chocolate frosting I let my chocolate cool too much and it did not incorporate fully. My frosting was a very pale brown with lots of dark specks. The only other problem I had was with the marshmallow frosting. There wasn’t enough!!! Double the batch people, that stuff is AMAZING! I will be making that frosting again. And to think, I was scared of the marshmallow puff. This recipe is insane though, make sure you have plenty of friends to share it with :)

Recipe>> Ultimate S’More Anniversary Cake @ FatgirlTrappedInaSkinnyBody.com