Vanilla Bean White Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake

Ok yeah. This is an awesome cheesecake. My family is a cheesecake family. We love our cheesecake and we even have a family cookbook dedicated to them. I’ve been putting off making this because I keep forgetting to buy vanilla beans but I finally made this for a family dinner without vanilla beans. I just subbed 2 tsp of real vanilla per vanilla bean. I was worried that it might not be anything special with regular old vanilla, but it was FANTASTIC! My family raved. For a long time. I felt like a celebrity. I always use a water bath for my cheesecakes so I was nervous about making one without but I gave it a try and I was so glad I saved the extra work. It was smooth and creamy and wonderful. Several family members said it was the best cheesecake they’d ever had. My brother said it gave him the shivers and that he would be dreaming about it tonight. EVERYONE requested the recipe. That’s saying a lot from a cheesecake-loving family. There were a lot of bowls involved to make it but it came together quickly and was one of the simpler fancy cheesecakes I’ve made. Next time I’ll make it with vanilla beans,,